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Heavy Periods Overview

Another name for Heavy Periods is Heavy Menstrual Periods.

What are heavy menstrual periods?
A woman with heavy menstrual periods bleeds more than usual, or longer than usual, during a menstrual period. Increased bleeding commonly occurs as women approach menopause. Criteria for heavy menstrual periods include a period that lasts for more than 7 days and a total amount of bleeding during the period that exceeds one third of a cup (80 ml). About 10 to 20 percent of women experience vaginal bleeding that meets the criteria for heavy menstrual periods.

What are the symptoms of heavy menstrual periods?
Symptoms that occur with heavy menstrual periods include pelvic pain and vaginal discharge. Prolonged bleeding in those with heavy menstrual periods may cause symptoms of anemia. Symptoms may include dizziness, faintness, fainting, palpitations, rapid pulse, pale skin, and shortness of breath with exertion.

How does the doctor treat heavy menstrual periods?
Treatment for heavy menstrual bleeding may include hormone therapy, birth control pills, dilation and curettage, endometrial ablation procedures, and hysterectomy.

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