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Hard of Hearing Treatment

The treatment for deafness depends on the underlying cause. Treatment for conductive hearing loss includes removal of earwax, or surgery to drain trapped fluid in the middle ear. Treatment for sensorineural hearing loss includes hearing aids, which amplify the sounds that reach the ear. A person with severe sensorineural hearing loss may require a cochlear implant, which takes over the function of damaged parts of the inner ear.

Treatment for deafness may include:

  • Removal of earwax
  • Hearing aid therapy
  • Surgery for deafness:
    • Tympanostomy to remove fluid from the middle ear
    • Cochlear implant

Hard of Hearing Specialist

Physicians from the following specialties evaluate and treat deafness:

Hard of Hearing Surgery

Cochlear implants pick up sound through a tiny microphone attached near the ear. The implants send the sounds through a computer and back to a transmitter. The sounds are then delivered to the auditory nerve.

Cochlear implants are used in those with severe hearing loss, when hearing aids are of no benefit. Infants may benefit most from a cochlear implant, since speech is not yet fully developed.

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