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Galeazzi Fracture Overview

What is Galeazzi fracture?
A person with a Galeazzi fracture has a type of forearm fracture where they have broken the radius, and dislocated the radius and ulna at the wrist. Galeazzi fractures account for about 7 percent of forearm fractures in adults. The injury is usually caused by a fall onto the outstretched hand.

What are the symptoms of Galeazzi fracture?
Symptoms of a Galeazzi fracture include arm pain that worsens with movement of the elbow or wrist. Other symptoms include forearm swelling, deformity, hand swelling, wrist swelling, forearm tenderness and hand numbness.

How does the doctor treat Galeazzi fracture?
Galeazzi fractures require surgery, in order to repair the broken radius and realign the dislocated wrist.

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