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Fussiness in Infants Home Care

Home care for mild fussiness includes:

  • Techniques to calm your baby
  • Learn how to hold your baby properly
  • Provide adequate time for your baby to sleep.
  • Breastfeeding mothers should:
  • Avoid exposure to secondary smoke.
  • Remove cow's milk from the diet.
    • Provide soy formula.
  • Learn how to feed your baby.
  • Treat causes of fussiness:
  • For infants under 3 months old:
    • Place the infant in a quiet, dark room to sleep.
    • Continue breastfeeding every 2-4 hours.
    • Infants who are hungry after breastfeeding may require formula feedings.
    • Cuddle and rock your baby.
    • Do not place the infant face down to sleep.

Fussiness in Infants Feeding Your Baby

For information on bottle feeding:

  • Choosing an infant formula
  • Introduction to bottle feeding
  • Combining breast and bottle feeding

For information on breast feeding:
  • Breastfeeding introduction
  • Breastfeeding guidelines
  • Signs of good breastfeeding
  • Special considerations when breastfeeding

Fussiness in Infants Warning Signs

Notify your doctor if you have a fussy infant and any of the following:

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