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Friction Blister Treatment

Treatment for a blister focuses on protecting the blistered skin from additional injury. If a blister opens, additional treatment includes caring for a wound, in order to prevent an infection. With proper treatment to reduce further injury, most blisters heal within 1-2 weeks.

Treatment for blisters includes:

  • Protect the blister from further injury:
    • Protective bandages over the blistered skin
  • Clean the blister gently with soap and water.
  • Apply a protective bandage over the blister.
  • Do not puncture a blister. This increases the risk of infection.
  • Care for a ruptured blister:
    • Clean the skin gently with soap and water.
    • Apply antibiotic ointment.
    • Apply a protective bandage over the blister.

A tetanus shot may be necessary if your blister has ruptured.

Tetanus Considerations
A tetanus shot is necessary right away if you have not had three tetanus shots in the past.

If you have received three tetanus shots in the past, you need a tetanus shot within three days for an open blister that occurred outdoors.

Friction Blister Specialist

Physicians from the following specialties evaluate and treat blisters:

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