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This is the most helpful site I have ever visited on the internet. It has helped tremendously. My daughter has been suffering with so many different symptoms when I typed each one in I realized we need to have her seen right away. Thank you so much I cannot express how grateful I truly am.

The most valuable feature, the "virtual doctor," helped enormously in several critical occasions, where I had to make a choice whether to visit doctor, rush to the ER or simply stay at home, and this is huge!

Congratulation on a nice program! I am a cardiothoracic surgeon, retired after 35 years of private practice. I test your site just now and agree with you that it is indeed revolutionary and is a good public service.

Thank you for this very informative, helpful site! This site advised me to seek medical help immediately for leg pain and it correctly suggested it could be DVT (which it was....and I was hospitalized and treated the same day). I really am grateful for such a thorough, interactive site. Please keep up the excellent work!

I was very surprised to find this service, and how easy it is to navigate, with absolutely no hassle. I found it extremely helpful. I absolutely love this service you are providing. Thank you so much for offering your time and expertise to those of us who might not otherwise know anything more than our own unprofessional guess! I'm so sure your service is saving lives! You and the people who make this site possible are Angels! Thank you!

What an absolutely invaluable service your web site provides. Possibly the most useful, user friendly web site I have ever seen. Thank you.

I am a radiologist who is 15 years out of medical school. Your questions and recommendations were helpful and reassuring. I will recommend your site to family and friends.

I just wanted to say how grateful I am to have such a wonderful site as FreeMD to go to. It helps parents stay calm during their children's illness, (having the flu) and a blueprint to treat the ailment. Thanks again FreeMD, for helping me to calm my wife down, and treat my son in the quickest method that has great results.

Cool site!! I will be referring my computer literate patients to your site.

I would like to say Thanks to whom ever came up with this site to help people out this way. It was very informative and easy to navigate through. Also it help take some of the butterflies you have when sometime going to see the dr. in person away. Thanks Allot!

Thank you very much for the helpful information on this topic. It was easy to use and to the point quickly. The best web site I have found and it's free... Thanks

Excellent help, Thank you very much for this service doctor, it is very easy to use and very easy to understand. Thank you again for a great service.

What a wonderful sight this is. With four children away from the home it is invaluable for my children and me. Easily read, the format is wonderful and we could not ask for anything better. Thank you so very much!!!!

Thank you this is a very useful tool as it better prepares one for what to expect at the doctor's visit.

Thank You, FreeMD! I'm so glad about your web site! It has helped me in a big way!

What a wonderful tool. Thank you for taking the time out to do this.

Exceptional web site! Very easy to follow and excellent information provided. This is actually much better than seeing my primary care doctor. Thank you. It has been a pleasure.

"At 12:30am one Sunday night my hypochondriac 17 year old daughter woke up complaining of sharp pains when she peed. She wanted to go to the Emergency Room. I immediately envisioned sitting there all night hoping that an insomnia-suffering Urologist might wander in on the off chance someone had random urinary pain. Then I remembered FreeMD and decided to check it out. I answered the short series of questions and it came back as a possible bladder infection requiring an antibiotic. Painful? Yes. Enough to require a trip to the Emergency Room? No! Relief all around? Absolutely! At 9:30 that morning we sat with Kati's primary physician who listened to her, did a test, and concluded the following: 'It's a bladder infection. You need an antibiotic.' Well done, FreeMD. Great bedside manner, no deductible, and easy enough to manage that even a sleepy, irritable father can use it in the middle of the night. If you could figure out a way to generate a lollipop at the end of your diagnosis you'd be perfect!"

Thanks to FreeMD, I am able to educate myself on various topics that FreeMD supplies - so that I am able to discuss my condition(s) correctly when meeting a nurse practitioner or primary doctor. Many thanks.

I really like the fact that you have this site. It really helps people with out insurance that can not afford that trip to the hospital or doctors office.

This is a very good way to help people determine when/if they need to see a MD and whether it is urgent or can wait a day or two. This can be extremely helpful to the "patient" and can also reduce unnecessary visits to Physician's Office, Urgent Care, or ED. These visits are costly and can also use physician time that could better be spent on more serious patients. It is also VERY HELPFUL to people who have trouble getting in to see a physician, don't have insurance, work during normal physician's office hours. At the same time, it does "filter" those conditions which may need to be seen imminently from those which do not or can be seen at a later time. I'm very impressed with this service.

What a wonderful site. It's good to know there are people who will to give up there time and knowledge as a bit of free advice.

I thought the virtual doctor was great in diagnosing my condition, thank you.

Outstanding site! Useful information and easy to navigate.

This is a wonderful service! Thank you. Very well organized. You definitely have assisted me in confirming my condition so as to know that I need treatment, and in being prepared for treatment, and with home care. And having knowledge is calming. It strengthens the body, and clears the head for action. Thank you very much. I think that this knowledge and insight really helps with the treatment and healing process. I'm so grateful that you doctors took the time to write all of the entries in this site, as a service to the public. Many people's thanks go out to you.

So far this is the third time and I really think it is a good service.

I just would like to say how I appreciate your service; it is so useful and will be a great benefit to the community, thanks again, N Chadwick England.

If there wasn't some sort of web site like this one I don't know what I would be doing right this moment!! Actually, I do, I would be freaking out and rushing to the hospital.


This is an excellent compliment to my doctor, for questions....very informative!

Thanks guys for being great at what you do.

I thought this was a very useful and quick way to check out symptoms to determine if further medical (ER or Urgent Care) was necessary. As an 89 year old ex-science teacher, I do not trust my memory--yet find all of the information I need difficult to assemble.
Thank you for providing information quickly.

The virtual MD is fascinating. The information provided was very helpful and I appreciate it very much. Thank you

This was a very positive experience. I got information on how to decrease the discomfort of vomiting and what to do if symptoms should get worse. What a great service....wish it had been available when he was a baby. Thanks so much. A great service!

Questions asked were on point, skillfully helping the patient discover his own problems.

I was shocked to read the statement that I am experiencing heart failure and can die Recognizing the symptoms, for the first time that I have a deadly disease, I am grateful to the Cleveland Clinic for creating this freeMD experience and MyChart for possibly saving my life!

I find this site to be very informative, open, and honest. It helped me allot to learn about my possibly having gout and what can be done about it. Thank you!

This is such a generous and noble web site of yours to provide free medical counseling for people around the world. The virtual doctor is a great thing.

I don't know of anything that could help improve this site. It is very easy to work with, very thorough. Most importantly it gave me peace of mind about my condition and what I should do. Thanks a million times over!

It is great what you are doing for human beings thanks

Your site is an excellent site. It helps me understand my doctor when he talks about different conditions & procedures for my family. Thank you for posting this site for us to understand more about them.

This is a great idea, Thank you for letting us have access to this information at no charge for people of all walks of life. I am currently experiencing financial difficulty but have arranged to get medical care through the state.

Hello, I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful consultation. Although I had gone to a doctor for lower back pain, I did not understand how and why to carry out the exercises. But after reading your articles I'm very clear about what I have to do .I wasn't taking the exercises very seriously but now I'm going to start right away. :P thanks alot :)

Please send a thank you to Dr. Schueler and other DSHI staff for the wonderful program -- It has helped me tremendously and gives me a clearer idea of what I need to do next!

Thank you for having us a very useful and informative web site! Every time I search for some medications, you give us complete things on what to do. :)

I really enjoyed my time on your site, it was more than helpful with the videos, pictures, and detailed information. Thank you!

THANK YOU!!!! for creating this web site! This site truly empowers the potential patient and both encourage and support personal proactive self-care.

Just love the concept of having this program available as a resource. I have no insurance and neither does my wife, ages 64 and 58 respectively and since we are both fairly healthy we will use this site to help us play devils advocate for ourselves since we both do not usually go to health care providers. Thank you very much!

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