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Fractured Upper Arm Overview

Another name for Fractured Upper Arm is Humerus Fracture.

What is a humerus fracture?
A person with a humerus fracture has broken the humerus. The fracture may occur near the shoulder, near the elbow, or in the middle of the upper arm. Humerus fractures account for about 3 percent of all fractures. Most humerus fractures are caused by falls onto the arm or shoulder.

What are the symptoms of a humerus fracture?
Symptoms of a humerus fracture include arm pain, arm swelling, arm bruising, shoulder swelling, arm deformity, arm numbness, and arm weakness.

How does the doctor treat a humerus fracture?
Treatment for a humerus fracture depends on the location of the fracture. Humerus fractures may require surgery. Treatment for a humerus fracture may include cold compresses, elevation, rest, sling, arm cast or splint, narcotic pain medications, and surgery.

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