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Fractured Orbit Overview

Another name for Fractured Orbit is Blowout Fracture of the Orbit.

What is a blowout fracture of the orbit?
A person with a blowout fracture of the orbit has an injury to the eye that results in a fracture of the thin bones that surround the eye.

What are the symptoms of a blowout fracture of the orbit?
Symptoms of a blowout fracture of the orbit includes eye pain, facial pain, and facial swelling. In most cases, the eye itself is not seriously injured, but the lower eye muscles may become trapped in the broken bones. This can prevent the injured eye from moving normally.

How does the doctor treat a blowout fracture of the orbit?
Treatment for a blowout fracture of the orbit includes cold compresses, pain medications, and wound irrigation and cleansing. Some injuries may require surgical repair to realign bones and restore normal eye movement.

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