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Foreskin Tight Around Penis Overview

Another name for Foreskin Tight Around Penis is Paraphimosis.

What is paraphimosis?
A male with paraphimosis is unable to move the foreskin so that it covers the head of the penis. Paraphimosis is caused by swelling of the foreskin. Once the inflamed foreskin is pulled back to expose the head of the penis, it cannot be pulled back over the head of the penis. Paraphimosis only occurs in males who have not been circumcised. Only about 1 percent of males over the age of 16 develop paraphimosis. It occurs most commonly during infancy and adolescence.

What are the symptoms of paraphimosis?
The most common symptom of paraphimosis is the inability to move the foreskin, so that it covers the head of the penis. Additional symptoms that occur with paraphimosis include difficulty urinating, difficulty starting the urine stream, weak urine stream, pain during urination, penile pain, and swelling of the penis.

How does the doctor treat paraphimosis?
Treatment for paraphimosis includes manual compression for paraphimosis. In this procedure, the doctor applies pressure around the head of the penis so that the foreskin can be pulled back over the penis. Other options include an incision in the foreskin and circumcision.

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