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Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva Symptoms

Symptoms depend on the type of myositis ossificans.

Two types of myositis ossificans include:

Symptoms of myositis ossificans circumscripta include:
  • Localized pain to an area of the body that was injured:
  • Localized swelling to an area of the body that was injured
  • Formation of a lump within the muscle tissue that was injured
  • Most cases occur following an injury to the arm or thigh muscles, but may also occur in the chest, back and buttocks.

Symptoms of myositis ossificans progressiva include:
  • Skeletal abnormalities in the fingers and toes
  • Painful lumps around the joints and in other body tissues:
    • Common in the neck, face, shoulder, hips, and along the spine
  • Kyphoscoliosis:
    • Leads to restricted motion in the hips and shoulders

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