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Familial Tremor Overview

Another name for Familial Tremor is Benign Essential Tremor Syndrome.

What is benign essential tremor syndrome?
A person with benign essential tremor syndrome has rhythmic muscle activity that mainly affects the hands, head, and voice. The onset of the tremor usually begins in middle age. Essential tremors tend to increase with voluntary movement. The cause of benign essential tremor syndrome is unknown, although over half of the cases are inherited.

What are the symptoms of benign essential tremor syndrome?
Common symptoms of benign essential tremor syndrome include mild to moderate tremors and fine shaking movements. Tremors in the arms, head or voice may occur while moving or while at rest. Tremors may worsen with stress, emotion, fatigue, and exposure to cold. Tremors usually worsen with movement.

How does the doctor treat benign essential tremor syndrome?
General measures for benign essential tremor syndrome include avoiding stimulants, drinking alcohol only in moderation, and medications to control tremor.

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