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Falls Evaluation

For the doctor, the evaluation of a person who falls starts with a medical history and physical examination. Further testing is common, and is determined by the medical history as much as the physical examination.

However, if you fall, (or a loved one) you must determine if you need to be evaluated by a doctor. Sometimes this becomes more challenging when you are trying to evaluate a loved one who may only be accessible by telephone.

Telephone Assessment:
There are a number of important things you need to determine in any person who falls.

Here are some of the most important questions:

If you in the position to examine the injured person, add the following:
  • Is their any swelling or tenderness overlying a bone or joint? Yes, consider bone fracture
  • Is their any tenderness or swelling overlying the chest? Yes, consider chest injury
  • Is their any tenderness or swelling overlying the abdomen? Yes, consider abdominal injury
  • Is their any tenderness or swelling overlying the back? Yes, consider back injury
  • Is their any deformity to a bone or joint? Yes, consider bone fracture
  • Is their any bleeding? Yes, consider laceration
  • Is the person moving all four extremities normally? No, consider spine injury

Tests that may be used to evaluate falls include:

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