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What is eye tearing?
A person with eye tearing produces excessive tears, or the tears do not drain into the nose normally. There are many causes for tearing. The lacrimal duct is a passageway between the inside of the lower eyelid and the nose. Normally, the lacrimal duct drains excess tears from the eye, into the nose. Occasionally, the lacrimal duct becomes obstructed, which results in excess tearing.

What are the symptoms of eye tearing?
Symptoms of eye tearing include eye redness, eye pain, eye itching, and eye irritation.

How does the doctor treat eye tearing?
Treatment for eye tearing may include artificial tears, cold compresses, and antihistamines. Some may benefit from antibiotic eye drops. All should avoid exposure to smoke, do not rub the eyes, avoid using eye makeup, and do not wear contact lenses until symptoms are gone.

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