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Eye Rupture Overview

Another name for Eye Rupture is Ruptured Globe.

What is a ruptured globe?
A person with a ruptured globe has a tear in the outer surface of the eyeball, caused by an injury. A ruptured globe is an uncommon, but serious, injury that causes severe eye pain and a loss of vision. The most common causes of ruptured globe include sports injuries, occupational injuries, and altercations.

What are the symptoms of a ruptured globe?
The most common symptoms of a ruptured globe include severe eye pain and loss of vision. Additional symptoms of a ruptured globe may include facial swelling, bruising around the eye, double vision, an abnormal pupil, bleeding inside the eye, and eye redness.

How does the doctor treat a ruptured globe?
Treatment for a ruptured globe may include an eye shield, antibiotics, narcotic pain medications, and surgery to repair the globe.

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