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Exposed to VD Overview

Another name for Exposed to VD is Venereal Disease Exposure.

What is a venereal disease exposure?
A person who has been exposed to a venereal disease has had sexual contact with someone with a venereal disease. Common venereal diseases include gonorrhea, chlamydia, herpes genitalis, and genital warts.

What are the symptoms of a venereal disease exposure?
Usually, a person does not have symptoms immediately after a venereal disease exposure. Later, symptoms of venereal disease may occur. Symptoms of venereal disease in females include pelvic pain and vaginal discharge. Symptoms of venereal disease in males include penile discharge, testicular pain, and rectal pain. Additional symptoms in males and females include pain during urination, abdominal pain, rash, fever, genital sores, genital ulcers, and genital warts.

How does the doctor treat a venereal disease exposure?
Treatment for a venereal disease exposure may include antibiotics or antiviral medication, in order to prevent a venereal disease. Sexual partners should be evaluated by a doctor and treated.

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