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Elderly Health Guidelines For Men

The below table provides general guidelines for senior men.

Recommended Evaluations For Healthy Men Over 60
There are many evaluations that should be performed after people reach the age of 60 in order to assure optimal health. The recommendations assume that evaluations and vaccinations during previous decades were kept up to date.

Test / ScreenConditionFrequency
History & PhysicalVarious disordersEvery year
Blood pressureHypertensionEvery year
Height & weightObesityEvery year
Dental examDental cariesEvery 6-12 mo
Hearing testHearing deficitEvery 2-3 yrs if indicated
Stool test (blood)Colorectal cancerEvery year
PSA testingProstate cancerOffered yearly
Digital rectal examProstate cancerEvery year
EKGHeart diseaseEvery 2-3 yrs in high risk patients
UrinalysisDiabetes, kidney dis, UTIEvery 1-2 yrs
CBCAnemiaEvery 5 yrs
Blood glucoseDiabetesEvery 5 yrs
Thyroid profileHypothyroidismEvery 1-3 yrs; annually in women
Glaucoma testGlaucomaEvery 1-2 yrs
Vision testVision problemEvery 2-3 yrs (1-2 yrs if glasses)
Cholesterol panelHeart disease riskEvery 5 yrs (or more)
Influenza vaccineInfluenzaEvery year
TD boosterTetanusEvery 10 years

Choose one from the following three options
Test / ScreenConditionFrequency
SigmoidoscopyColorectal cancerEvery 5 yrs
Double contrast barium enemaColorectal cancerEvery 5 to 10 years
Colonoscopy every 10 yearsColorectal cancerEvery 10 years

The above testing recommendations should be considered as minimum screening in those without symptoms. There may be differences in opinion on various test recommendations due to lack of definitive information on each recommended test and to variances in perceived significance of some of the supporting literature.

This information is provided as a general guide only. We urge you to discuss these tests with your personal physician.

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