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Edema Overview

Another name for Edema is Swelling.

What is swelling?
A person with swelling has enlargement of part of the body, usually due to a collection of fluid beneath the skin. Swelling may affect the entire body, or it may be localized to one area, such as a limb. Common causes of swelling include rash, congestive heart failure, allergic reactions, venous insufficiency, or a medication side effect.

What are the symptoms of swelling?
Symptoms that may occur with swelling include fatigue and pitting: finger pressure leaves a shallow fingerprint in the skin. Additional symptoms include rings that do not fit, and clothes or watches that are too tight.

How does the doctor treat swelling?
The treatment for swelling depends on the underlying cause. Treatment for swelling may include elevation of the swollen area, low salt diet, reducing the amount of liquids in the diet, weight loss, or medication.

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