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Dislocated Hip Overview

Another name for Dislocated Hip is Hip Dislocation.

What is a hip dislocation?
A person with a hip dislocation has a bone in the hip that has come out of place. In adults, hip dislocations are caused by injuries. The dislocation may occur with a hip fracture. Congenital hip dislocations are present at birth.

What are the symptoms of a hip dislocation?
Symptoms of a hip dislocation include hip pain, knee pain, hip swelling, deformed hip joint, inability to walk or move the hip joint, and leg shortening on the affected side. Additional symptoms may include leg weakness, muscle spasms, and leg numbness.

How does the doctor treat a hip dislocation?
Treatment for a hip dislocation may include placement of the dislocated hip back into its normal position. This is usually performed in the operating room. Treatment for a hip dislocation may include a hip replacement if the hip is fractured. Additional treatment includes nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications for pain, crutches, a walker, and physical therapy.

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