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Diaphragm Hernia Overview

Another name for Diaphragm Hernia is Diaphragmatic Hernia.

What is a diaphragmatic hernia?
An infant with a diaphragmatic hernia has an abnormal opening in the diaphragm, which allows abdominal organs, such as intestine, to protrude into the chest cavity. In diaphragmatic hernia, the diaphragm does not form correctly before birth. A diaphragmatic hernia can be life threatening if the opening in the diaphragm is large. Adults may have a hiatal hernia, which is also a type of diaphragmatic hernia.

What are the symptoms of a diaphragmatic hernia?
Symptoms of diaphragmatic hernia may include difficulty breathing, abdominal pain, and rapid breathing rate.

How does the doctor treat a diaphragmatic hernia?
Treatment for a diaphragmatic hernia includes intravenous fluids, pain medications, and surgery.

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