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Dental Pain Treatment

The treatment for dental pain depends on the underlying cause. Pain from dental caries, or tooth decay, may require dental fillings, crowns, or a tooth extraction. Pain from a dental injury may require care for a fractured or dislodged tooth. The treatment of dental pain includes dental cement, which covers exposed, sensitive areas of the tooth. Pain may also be treated with oral pain medication, such as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications or narcotic pain medications.

Treatment for dental pain may include:

Treatment for dental injuries may include:
  • Wound care for dental injuries:
  • Antibiotics for dental injuries
  • Tooth repair:
    • Dental bonding
    • Dental crown
    • Root canal
  • Tooth avulsion:
    • Partially dislodged adult teeth must be returned to their normal position.
    • Completely dislodged permanent teeth need to be reimplanted as soon as possible.
    • Dislodged primary teeth in children should not be returned to their original position or re-implanted

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