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Cystocele Overview

What is a cystocele?
A woman with a cystocele has weakened muscles in the pelvis that allow the bladder to move from its normal position. In some cases, the bladder pushes against the wall of the vagina. The bulge that forms in the vaginal wall by the bladder is called a cystocele.

What are the symptoms of a cystocele?
Symptoms of a cystocele include a bulge in the wall of the vagina, especially when standing for long periods of time. Other symptoms include a pressure feeling or fullness in your pelvis or vagina and urinary incontinence. Cystocele may cause recurrent urinary tract infections.

How does the doctor treat a cystocele?
Treatment of cystocele depends on the size of the cystocele as well as the severity of symptoms. Treatment may include Kegel exercises, vaginal pessary, and estrogen therapy. Some women may benefit from surgery to correct the condition.

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