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Compression Fracture Overview

Another name for Compression Fracture is Vertebral Compression Fracture.

What is a vertebral compression fracture?
A person with a vertebral compression fracture has a broken vertebra, which reduces the height of the vertebra. Vertebrae are the bones that make up the spine. A vertebral compression fracture is caused by an injury that squeezes one vertebra between two adjacent vertebrae. Those with osteoporosis are at the greatest risk for a vertebral compression fracture.

What are the symptoms of a vertebral compression fracture?
Symptoms of a vertebral compression fracture include back pain that is worse with movement, and back tenderness. Severe vertebral compression fractures may cause the spine to curve abnormally.

How does the doctor treat a vertebral compression fracture?
Treatment for a vertebral compression fracture may include bed rest, a back brace, and medication for pain. Additional treatment for a vertebral compression fracture may include calcium supplements and medication for osteoporosis.

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