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Compartment Syndrome Overview

What is a compartment syndrome?
Fascia is a very strong layer of tissue that surrounds a group of muscles. The fascia forms an enclosure around the muscles, called a compartment. A person with compartment syndrome has increased pressure inside a muscle compartment. This results in decreased blood flow to the muscles and nerves in the compartment, which can destroy the muscle and nerve tissue. Compartment syndrome most commonly occurs in the arm or leg, in association with an injury.

What are the symptoms of compartment syndrome?
Symptoms of compartment syndrome include worsening pain near the injury, swelling around the injury, pale skin over the injured area, and severe muscle weakness.

How does the doctor treat compartment syndrome?
Treatment for compartment syndrome includes cold compresses, cast or splint removal, and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications for pain. Surgery is required in most cases.

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