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Cocaine Withdrawal Overview

What is cocaine withdrawal?
A person who is having cocaine withdrawal is having withdrawal symptoms when they significantly reduce usage or quit using cocaine. After chronic use cocaine can become addictive, resulting in a strong desire for the drug as well as the development of unpleasant symptoms in its absence.

What are the symptoms of cocaine withdrawal?
The most common symptoms of cocaine withdrawal include agitation, irritability, restlessness, depression, sleep difficulty, fatigue, malaise, vivid dreams, and increased appetite. Some people may also experience thoughts of suicide during withdrawals.

How does the doctor treat cocaine withdrawal?
Treatment for a person who is going through cocaine withdrawal may be delivered inpatient or outpatient. Medications may be used to help reduce a person's craving for the drug. Counseling plays an important role in resolving dependency and avoiding relapse. The treatment of underlying depression can play an important role in success and the avoidance of relapse.

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