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Chronic Eczema Overview

Another name for Chronic Eczema is Dermatitis.

What is dermatitis?
A person with dermatitis has inflammation of the skin, which usually results in a rash. Dermatitis can be temporary or long-standing, depending on the cause. Temporary dermatitis is usually caused by and infection, allergy or chemical irritant. Chronic illnesses, such as psoriasis, cause long-standing dermatitis. Almost everyone experiences some type of dermatitis at some time during his or her lifetime.

What are the symptoms of dermatitis?
Common symptoms of dermatitis include rash, skin redness, skin scaling, skin peeling, and skin crusting.

How does the doctor treat dermatitis?
Treatment measures for dermatitis include avoiding substances that trigger a rash, gentle skin cleansing, oral antihistamines, topical corticosteroids, and oral corticosteroids.

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