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Children's Health Vaccines

The following tables provide information regarding current vaccine recommendations in the United States for infants, younger children, and pre-teens. Consult your doctor for additional vaccine recommendations.

Recommended Vaccines for Healthy Infants

DTaPdiphtheria, tetanus, pertussis2, 4, 6,15-18 mo. & 4-6 yr
HBVhepatitis Bat birth, 1-2 mo. & 4-6 mo.
HIBhaemophilus influenza b2, 4, 6, & 12-15 mo.
MMRmumps, measles, rubella12 - 15 mo.
IPVinactivated polio vaccine2, 4, & 15 mo.
Varivaxchicken pox12-15 mo.
Hepatitis A (Havrix)hepatitis A2, 4 & 15 mo.
Prevnarpneumonia2, 4, 6 & 12 - 15 mo.
Influenza vaccineinfluenzasingle dose if 6-23 months

Recommended Vaccines for Healthy Children 2 to 6 Years
DTPdiphtheria, tetanus, pertussisonce, from 4-6 yrs.
MMRmumps, measles, rubellaonce, from 4-6 yrs.
IPVinactivated polio vaccineonce, from 4-6 yrs.
Havrixhepatitis Aif needed
Varivaxchicken poxif needed
Influenza vaccineinfluenza2 doses if never vaccinated

Recommended Vaccines for Healthy Children 7 to 12 Years
Vaccines (make-up)Frequency
Hepatitis B vaccine11-12 years of age
Influenza vaccine2 doses if not immunized and less than 9 years
Second MMR7-12 years of age
Tetanus booster11-16 yrs & every 10 years thereafter
Papillomavirus vaccine11 and 12 year old girls

For teens and young adults see

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