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Children's Health Guideline 7 to 12 Years

Recommended Evaluations for Healthy Children 7 to 12 Years
There are a number of evaluations and preventive treatments that should be performed during this period of childhood to assure optimal health.

Tests to be performed every 6-12 months:

Tests to be performed every 3-4 years:

Tests to be performed every 4-5 years:

Tests to be performed at the physician's discretion:

Tests to be performed once at age 12-14:

Vaccines to be given before age 9:
  • Influenza
    • Given in 2 doses, if never immunized

Vaccines to be given once from age 7-12 years:

Vaccines to be given at 11-12 years of age:

Vaccines to be given at 11-16 years of age and every 10 years thereafter:

This information is provided as a general guide only. We urge you to discuss these tests with your pediatrician.

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