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Cherry Hemangioma Overview

Another name for Cherry Hemangioma is Hemangiomas.

What are hemangiomas?
A person with a hemangioma or angioma has a collection of small blood vessels that forms a bright red or purple area on the skin. These benign tumors are derived from the cells that line blood vessels or lymphatic vessels. Hemangiomas can be present at birth or develop later in life. About 1 out every 10 infants in the US is born with a hemangioma. Up to 50 percent of all hemangiomas resolve by age five, and as many as 90 percent resolve by age nine. The underlying cause of hemangiomas is unknown.

What are the symptoms of hemangiomas?
Symptoms of hemangioma include a bright red or purple area on the skin.

How does the doctor treat hemangiomas?
Small hemangiomas in infants resolve without treatment. Small hemangiomas in adults may not resolve, but do not require treatment. The treatment for large hemangiomas may include oral corticosteroids, laser therapy, and surgery to remove the hemangioma.

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