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Caffeine Overdose Prevention

Caffeine Content In Beverages

BeverageCaffeine Content
8 ounce cup (240 cc) of brewed (drip) coffee65 to 120 mg
8 ounce cup (240 cc) of instant coffee60 to 85 mg
8 ounce cup (240 cc) of decaf coffee2 to 4 mg
1 ounce (30 cc) of expresso30 to 50 mg
8 ounce cup (240 cc), brewed US tea25 to 110
8 ounce cup (240 cc), brewed imported tea24 to 31 mg
Instant iced tea9 to 50 mg
Caffeinated 8 ounce (240 cc) soft drink20 to 40 mg
Cocoa, 8 ounce cup (240 cc)3 to 32 mg
Chocolate milk, 8 ounce cup (240 cc)2 to 7 mg

Avoid caffeine if you have one of the following conditions:

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