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Breathing Faster Than Usual Symptoms

Rapid breathing must be assessed on the basis of the patient's age.

Abnormal Breathing Rates

AgeUpper NormalAbnormal
6mo - 1 year40 breaths per min60 breaths per min
1 - 3 years30 breaths per min50 breaths per min
4 - 5 years28 breaths per min45 breaths per min
5 - 6 years26 breaths per min40 breaths per min
6 - 12 years24 breaths per min30 breaths per min
Over 12 years20 breaths per min25+ breaths per min

There are several other important signs of rapid breathing such as severe breathing difficulty, wheezing, rib retractions, nasal flaring, cyanosis, and use of accessory muscles. These findings are more common in a person with acute respiratory distress, or in a person who is in respiratory failure.

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