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BPV Overview

Another name for BPV is Benign Positional Vertigo.

What is benign positional vertigo?
A person with benign positional vertigo has an inner ear condition that causes the sensation of spinning. Changes in head position or head movement make the sensation of spinning worse. Benign positional vertigo is usually caused by a collection of particles in the inner ear semicircular canals. These anatomic structures control normal balance and position sense. The particles cause the semicircular canals to send false signals to the brain that the head is spinning, causing vertigo.

What are the symptoms of benign positional vertigo?
Symptoms of benign positional vertigo include sudden attacks of vertigo that are can be triggered by changes in head position. Attacks of vertigo last for less than one minute and slowly resolve. Other symptoms include nausea, vomiting, and unsteadiness.

How does the doctor treat benign positional vertigo?
Treatment for benign positional vertigo include exercises and medications to reduce the severity of the symptoms.

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