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Blockage of the Biliary Tract Overview

Another name for Blockage of the Biliary Tract is Biliary Tract Disease.

What is biliary tract disease?
A person with biliary tract disease often suffers from repeated blockage of the biliary tract, usually by gallstones. Less commonly biliary tract disease may be caused by a tumor within the common bile duct (cholangiocarcinoma) or a tumor that presses on the outside of the common bile duct, such as pancreatic cancer.

What are the symptoms of biliary tract disease?
Symptoms of biliary tract disease include right upper abdominal pain, nausea, dark urine, and jaundice.

How does the doctor treat biliary tract disease?
Treatment for biliary tract disease depends on the underlying cause. In most cases, treatment is surgical to remove the obstructing gallstones and gallbladder.

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