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Bleeding in the Vitreous Overview

Another name for Bleeding in the Vitreous is Vitreous Hemorrhage.

What is a vitreous hemorrhage?
A person with a vitreous hemorrhage has bleeding inside the eye, usually caused by an injury. The vitreous is the clear liquid that fills the eyeball. Additional causes of vitreous hemorrhage include shaken baby syndrome, diabetes and retinal detachment. About 450,000 people in the US develop vitreous hemorrhage each year.

What are the symptoms of a vitreous hemorrhage?
Symptoms of a vitreous hemorrhage include eye pain, blurry vision, loss of vision, sensitivity to bright light, and a hyphema.

How does the doctor treat a vitreous hemorrhage?
General treatment for a vitreous hemorrhage may include cold compresses, an eye shield, and bed rest. Laser therapy may be used to repair the injured retina, and surgery may be required to remove blood from inside the eye.

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