Stephen J. Schueler, M.D.


Bitten by an Animal (hand) Overview

Another name for Bitten by an Animal (hand) is Animal Bite of the Hand.

Are animal bites of the hand serious?
The severity of an animal bite often depends on the type of animal and depth of the bite. In the case of an animal bite to the hand, it is important to make sure the bite has not penetrated into bone, a joint, a nerve, or a blood vessel. Animal bites are common and frequently cause skin infections.

What are the symptoms of an animal bite of the hand?
Symptoms of an animal bite include skin puncture wound, pain around the bite, hand tenderness, and bleeding from the bite. Numbness and tingling should be investigated as a potential nerve injury.

How does the doctor treat an animal bite of the hand?
Treatment for animal bites depends on the depth of penetration. General treatment includes wound irrigation and cleansing, tetanus vaccination, and antibiotics.

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