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Birthmarks Overview

What are birthmarks?
Infant with birthmarks have a colored area of the skin that is present at birth. Common types of birthmarks include hemangiomas, port wine stains, macular stains, cafe-au-lait spots, Mongolian spots, and moles.

What are the symptoms of birthmarks?
Birthmarks are painless skin lesions that occur when blood vessels group together under the surface of the skin. They may be blue, purple, pink or red. Birthmarks tend to be bright red or purple when the blood vessels are located close to the skin surface, and they tend to be blue or pink when the blood vessels are located further beneath the skin. The surface of a birthmark may be flat or swollen. A cafe-au-lait spot is a pigmented birthmark.

How does the doctor treat birthmarks?
Treatment for birthmarks may include topical corticosteroids and laser surgery.

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