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Bb Gun Wounds Overview

Another name for Bb Gun Wounds is Gunshot Wounds.

What are gunshot wounds?
A person with a gunshot wound has an injury from a bullet that was fired from a gun. Wounds from bullets are caused by the energy of the bullet as it strikes the body. The more energy the bullet possesses, the more severe the injury. Energy increases with the speed of the bullet and the weight of the bullet. Generally, a large bullet shot from a high-powered rifle causes greater injury than a smaller bullet shot from a handgun. The severity of the injury also depends on the shape of the bullet as it strikes the body.

What are the symptoms of gunshot wounds?
Symptoms depend on the location of the gunshot wound. Symptoms may include chest pain, abdominal pain, arm pain, and leg pain. Symptoms of shock may be present in severe injuries.

How does the doctor treat gunshot wounds?
The treatment for gunshot wounds depends on the location and the extent of the injury. Treatment for a gunshot wound may include intravenous fluids, blood transfusion, wound care, and surgery.

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