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Anticoagulant Medication Bleeding Overview

Another name for Anticoagulant Medication Bleeding is Bleeding from Anticoagulant.

What is bleeding from anticoagulant?
Treatment with anticoagulant medications can result in episodes of bleeding, especially after an injury or when there is too much anticoagulant in the bloodstream. Anticoagulant medications, such as Coumadin and heparin, prolong the time that it takes for blood to clot. They do this by interfering with the normal pathway that regulates blood clot formation.

What are the symptoms of bleeding from anticoagulant?
Common bleeding from an anticoagulant symptoms include excessive bleeding, nosebleeds, black stools, blood in stool, rectal bleeding, vomiting blood, and vomiting coffee grounds-appearing material.

How does the doctor treat bleeding from anticoagulant?
Treatment for bleeding from anticoagulant includes withholding the normal anticoagulant dose to get control of bleeding. The administration of fresh frozen plasma can restore clotting factors to the bloodstream. Other medications include vitamin K and protamine.

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