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Acute Gastric Ulcer Overview

Another name for Acute Gastric Ulcer is Peptic Ulcer Disease.

What is peptic ulcer disease?
A person with peptic ulcer disease has an ulcer in the lining of the stomach, small intestine, or esophagus. An ulcer is an inflamed, bleeding sore or crater. Peptic ulcer disease is usually caused by an infection with the bacteria, Helicobacter pylori. The bacteria invade the wall of the stomach or small intestine, and destroy the lining.

What are the symptoms of peptic ulcer disease?
Symptoms of peptic ulcer disease include upper abdominal pain that may travel to the back. The pain tends to be worse when the stomach is empty, and it may be relieved with antacids. Additional symptoms of peptic ulcer disease include abdominal bloating, heartburn, hiccups, indigestion, nausea, vomiting, and weight loss. Symptoms of a bleeding ulcer include black stool, red stool, and symptoms of anemia.

How does the doctor treat peptic ulcer disease?
Treatment for peptic ulcer disease includes antacids, antibiotics, and medications that block the production of stomach acid. Rarely, severe peptic ulcer disease may require surgery.

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