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Abscess Lung Overview

Another name for Abscess Lung is Lung Abscess.

What is a lung abscess?
A person with a lung abscess has a collection of pus inside the lung. In most cases, a lung abscess is caused by a bacterial infection. The bacteria invade the lung tissue and start to grow. The body forms a wall around the infected tissue in order to fight the infection, and pus forms in the cavity.

What are the symptoms of a lung abscess?
Symptoms of a lung abscess may include chest pain, fever, excessive sweating, breathing difficulty, wheezing, anorexia, weight loss, and a cough. A person with a lung abscess may also cough up foul-smelling mucus, mixed with blood.

How does the doctor treat a lung abscess?
Treatment for a lung abscess includes chest physical therapy, antibiotics, and bronchoscopy to drain the infected material from the abscess.

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