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Abscess Bartholin's Gland Overview

Another name for Abscess Bartholin's Gland is Bartholin's Abscess.

What is a Bartholin's abscess?
A woman with a Bartholin's abscess has a collection of pus under the skin near the entrance to the vagina, due to an infection of the Bartholin's gland. The Bartholin's glands secrete a fluid that keeps the vaginal lining moist. They are located just inside and to either side of the vaginal opening in the labia.

What are the symptoms of a Bartholin's abscess?
Common symptoms of a Bartholin's abscess include vaginal pain and a tender and swollen lump on one side of the labia. Pus may drain from the lump. Fever is an uncommon symptom.

How does the doctor treat a Bartholin's abscess?
Treatment for a Bartholin's abscess includes incision and drainage, antibiotics, warm baths, and pain medications.

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