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Abrasion to the Cornea Overview

Another name for Abrasion to the Cornea is Corneal Abrasion.

What is a corneal abrasion?
A person with a corneal abrasion has a scratch on the surface of the cornea. The cornea is a firm, clear cap that protects the pupil and iris from injury and infection. The cornea has many nerves beneath the surface. A corneal abrasion exposes the nerves, resulting in eye pain. Most corneal abrasions will heal within two days.

What are the symptoms of a corneal abrasion?
Symptoms of a corneal abrasion include eye pain, blurry vision, increased tearing, sensitivity to light, and a foreign body sensation in the eye. The cornea of the eye may appear hazy.

How does the doctor treat a corneal abrasion?
Treatment for a corneal abrasion may include eye irrigation, antibiotic eyedrops or ointment, and pain medications. Some may require corneal foreign body removal.

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