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Another name for Abnormal Drooling is Excessive Drooling.

What is excessive drooling?
A person with excessive drooling is drooling more than usual. Drooling may be normal in infants, especially when they are teething. However, drooling in an adult is usually caused by difficulty swallowing. Causes for excessive drooling include infections, allergies, drug side effect, and GERD.

What are the symptoms of excessive drooling?
Symptoms that may be associated with excessive drooling include hoarse voice, muffled voice, noisy breathing, breathing difficulty, difficulty swallowing, and sore throat.

How does the doctor treat excessive drooling?
Treatment of excessive drooling depends on the underlying cause. Treatment may include antibiotics.

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Authors: Stephen J. Schueler, MD; John H. Beckett, MD; D. Scott Gettings, MD
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