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Abnormal Appearing Urine Underlying Cause

Abnormal appearing urine is not always caused by an infection or disease. In many cases, the change may be caused by something in the diet, or the change may be caused by a medication.

Urine ChangePossible Cause
Dark urinedehydration, jaundice
Orange urinejaundice, food effect
Brown urinejaundice, dehydration
Red urineblood in urine, infection
Pink urineblood in urine, infection
Cloudy urineinfection

Foods that can change the color of urine include:

Drugs that can change urine color include:

Abnormal Appearing Urine Drugs

Drugs that can cause urine to appear pink or red:

Drugs that can cause urine to appear brown:

Drugs that can cause urine to appear orange:

Drugs that can cause urine to appear violet:

Drugs that can cause urine to appear yellow:

Drugs that can cause urine to appear blue to blue or green:

Abnormal Appearing Urine Less Serious

Less serious causes of abnormal appearing urine include:

Abnormal Appearing Urine Serious

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