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Abdominal Bloating Overview

Another name for Abdominal Bloating is Bloating and Excess Gas.

What is bloating and excess gas?
Excess gas in the intestines leads to bloating of the abdomen. The excess gas can cause the abdomen to expand, which may cause pain. Common causes of bloating and excess gas include swallowing air while eating, carbonated beverages, lactose intolerance, and the consumption of gas-forming foods.

What are the symptoms of bloating and excess gas?
Common symptoms of bloating and excess gas include abdominal swelling, excessive belching, excessive flatulence, constipation, and cramping abdominal pain. Some may complain of diarrhea.

How does the doctor treat bloating and excess gas?
Treatment for bloating and excess gas depends on underlying cause. General measures include a change in diet and avoidance of overeating and lying down after eating. Medications may be prescribed that reduce intestinal gas.

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